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Ribbon Candy

$6.00 $12.00

We love our new Ribbon Candy….and just like its namesake, we find it’s quite irresistible!

These ¾” strips of cotton batik fabric add wonderful dimension and texture to rug hooking. It’s especially perfect for hooking landscapes.

What makes it so great? For starters, the cotton fabric is very tightly woven, so there is very little fray. Plus, there is no obvious right or wrong side, so you don’t need to fuss when pulling up loops – unless you want to! Hook it as it comes up for a more wonky look, or ‘faux spin’ by giving it a little twist underneath before you pull each loop, for more pronounced ball-like loops. Pull it through a clenched fist to soften up the edges and make it more yarn-like (and less flat and wide).

Use it alone for an antique look, or combine with yarns and other materials to stretch it further.

One package will cover an area about 6+” square, depending on how high and how closely loops are pulled up. Each package contains strips of 12-15+ different fabrics.

LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE - get it while it lasts!

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