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Long Rolled Pairs ~ Leather Handles


This leather hardware is PERFECT! for all of our Bala Bags. In fact, Jen designed these bags specifically to work with these outstanding high quality leather handles. 

We find using the Long Rolled Pairs and Single Urban by My Leather can mean the difference between making a "home made" purse and creating a beautifully designed one-of-a-kind professionally finished handmade Bala Bag.

These handles and straps are made in the USA from saddle leather vegetable dyed by hand. There may be variations in the colour within each handle or strap and also from pair to pair or strap to strap. We suggest you use our colour swatches as a guideline only. We recommend you purchase and wait until you receive your handles or strap before starting your project. It is a million times easier to incorporate fabrics or strips to match the actual colour of your handles or strap then to try to find the perfect handles or a strap once the hooking or sewing is finished.  

The Long Rolled Pairs work with any of our FIVE Bala Bag patterns:



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