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      At this time I ship within Canada + to the US only.  $15 Flat Rate + no charge on orders over $400 **

      I typically pack orders + ship within couple of days. If there will be a delay, I'll let you know. If you're in a hurry, please attach a note + I'll try to send it the same day. Tracking details are sent automatically.   

      🇨🇦 : Canadian Parcels are sent with CanPar.  If you would prefer I send by Canada Post, just let me know.

      🇺🇸 : US parcels are sent in a consolidated shipment direct to a USPS facility to speed things up.


       ** In reality, it costs me a lot more than $15 to ship an order, but during this time when there are no opportunities to purchase my work at a show, I'm happy to pick up the tab on the difference! ❤️

      Sending two cushions is only slightly more expensive than sending one, so that's why I absorb the full cost on orders over $400.


      When new work launches, it can sometimes be a bit of  a frenzy. If you place multiple orders on the same day, I’ll consolidate them into one parcel + you only need to pay one shipping fee. Please use the discount code ANOTHERORDER to eliminate the shipping charges on subsequent orders placed on the same day.

      (If you inadvertently use this code for a single order + any shipping is owed, I’ll simply edit your order + send you an invoice for the shipping fees. Similarly, all excess shipping charges will be refunded 😉 )