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The Digital Download Mystery Solved (We Hope!)

Sandra Stetler

Posted on February 02 2015

So, you want one of our new books, but you’re not too sure about a Digital Download? We hope these are the answers you are looking for.

Our new eBooklets have been published as Digital Downloads. When you buy an eBooklet in Our Shop, you are buying a PDF copy. This means you can download the eBooklet to your computer or device and get started right away! You will also automatically receive any future updates to the eBooklet. A Digital Download saves us printing and shipping costs, and we have passed this savings on to you! You will find our eBooklets look great and are easy to read on your computer or iPad, and even on a NEW iPhone.

As soon as you complete your purchase of an eBooklet from Our Shop, you will receive an email right away with a link to download the eBooklet. 

When you Click on the link you will see a screen that looks something like this, with a big “Download Now” button at the bottom. 

On a computer, open the PDF copy of the eBooklet in your browser. It may take a few minutes, but should not take too long. Once it is downloaded to your computer, we suggest you save the eBooklet: Click on the disk icon, and then follow the prompts as you would to save any document. Now you can open the eBooklet in Acrobat Reader or Preview (on Mac) and navigate through it as you would any PDF document.

On an iPad or iPhone, you should be prompted to choose the method you want to use to open the PDF. We think iBooks is the best if you have it, otherwise Adobe Reader should do the trick.

We want this to be easy for you! If you run into ANY problems AT ALL with our Digital Downloads, please email us at and we will do what needs to be done to make things right.

Still feeling unsure and just not ready to take the technology plunge and go Digital? You will be excited to know that printed copies of all three Ewe Fuse publications will be available shortly in Our Shop. Check back often as this will be happening in the next few days.

Happy Making!



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