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The Digital Download Mystery Solved (We Hope!)

So, you want one of our new books, but you’re not too sure about a Digital Download? We hope these are the answers you are looking for. Our new eBooklets have been published as Digital Downloads. When you buy an eBooklet in Our Shop, you are buying a PDF copy. This means you can download the eBooklet to your computer or device and get started right away! You will also automatically receive any future updates to the eBooklet. A Digital Download saves us printing and shipping costs, and we have passed this savings on to you! You will find our eBooklets look great and are easy to read on your computer or iPad, and even on a NEW iPhone. As...

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I love my new bed (sized blanket)

A few years ago, while I was visiting Heather Ritchie in the Yorkshire Dales, I became enamored with all of the knitted blankets she had in her home.  The mix of colours and fibres had me under a bit of a spell, and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was knitting my own similar blanket.  I blogged my first attempt here, and I was convinced that this was just the first of many.  I just didn't think that it would take me more than two years to get around to creating a second blanket.  This time around, I wanted to change the start so that the blanket would be rectangular, instead of square, so that it would...

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